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MacroGenics stock SOARS after beating Herceptin

What a week! From the approval of Evolus to MacroGenics announcing that they have positive results from their late stage clinical trial. Pharma and Biotechnology is bringing out the big dogs this year, blessings risk takers, stock holders, and investors who took the gamble. As soon as the CEO announce how well the data from SOPHIA (their clinical trial) went for patients suffering from metastatic cancer, the stock SOARED from $11.16 to $30.27 a share. Handing a return of more than 171% to those who quickly sold after hearing the good news ( talk about a quick come up).

Macrogenics lead candidate, Margetuximab paired with Chemotherapy presented better results than a leading Roche drug, Herceptin. An opportunity for MacroGenics to be launched against a pharma giant as Roche. I wouldn’t be surprise if we see Pharma seeing MacroGenics as a buyout worthy. With many possibilities still left, MacroGenics may soon realize that it may be just the beginning of good news. As we await for another clinical trial that aims in treating gastric cancer, their may bemore fruit for this pharma company to still bare.

MacroGenics a clinical stage biopharmaceutical company that designs FC Optimized monoclonal antibodies. Their mission is to treat cancers, autoimmune and infectious diseases.

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