EVOLUS RALLIES, Up more than 46%! Botox has a new rival… Hello Jeuveau!

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and for some beauty comes by how they look. As we get older, slowly begin to resemble a raisin (I’m kidding), some of us scurry for any treatments that can shed a couple of years from our face.

Eventually, we resort to a neurotoxin with the little name of BOTOX to help us look younger. As a person educated in biotechnology and biochemistry, I’m looking over its chemical structure and find it be an interesting and a cool protein. A neurotoxin protein that shortly paralyzes a person’s face. I know… I know…  rad and gnarly that someone chooses to do that but enough with the tangent…

Evolus a underdog in cosmetics came out of nowhere, the first company in a decade to have an approval from the FDA for a neurtoxin drug. Botox has a new rival in the field of making “beauty” into reality. FDA granted an approval on 01FEB2019 for Jeuveau (prabotulinumtoxinA-xvfs), a green light to bring their product to the market. As investors found out about the approval they rush in purchasing shares, driving the stock up more than 45%. Skyrocketing Evolus from $18 a share to $26 dollars, what a day…

Evolus is a beauty company that is customer-centric… As I’m listening to their corporate presentation (webcast), the CEO seems ambitious to take away sales from Allergan. A feat that will mean eating away Allergan’s top Selling cosmetic drug. Botox makes up more than 20% of Allergan’s revenue, as Evolus comes into the market Jeauvaeu may present a danger for Allergan.

Opportunity for Jeauveau to break in the cosmetic industry has never look sweeter than now. With it to be the only rival of Allergan, Evolus may become the next contender of beauty.

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