Biotech Hubs In The United States

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At its very core, Biotechnology is a culmination of Biology based technology, that is, a technology that harnesses the knowledge of different cellular and molecular processes in a multitude of living organisms. This is done to develop or modify products that improve our quality of life. These products range from biofuels, genetically modified crops, biomaterials, to medicines and diagnostic technologies. The biotechnology industry in the United States is a vast and ever-growing field. However, some establishments stand out from the rest. We’ve listed down a few of these hubs that are quite popular and are putting in vast contributions in the field of biotech.

1.    Biotech in Boston

The history of the Biotech industry in Boston can be traced back to the 1970s, right around the time genetic engineering was in its intermediate stages of development. Boston is host to a massive amount of biotech companies including academic institutes such as the Whitehead Institute of Biomedical Research and the Wyss Institute for Biologically Inspired Engineering. Also, it houses both pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies that develop vaccines, antibiotics, etc. Some of the most notable ones include Vaxess Technologies, Genzyme, Immunogen, Acceleron Pharma and many more.

2.    Biotech in San Francisco  

Northern California, i.e. the San Francisco Bay Area, is home to a huge cluster of biotech companies in the United States. These include companies that develop applications relating to life science and genetic modification. This particular location, also known as, Biotech Bay also claims to have given rise to the first-ever biotech company, that is, Genentech. Moreover, it also houses notable company headquarters like Bio-Rad Laboratories and Gilead Sciences.  

3.    Biotech Beach in San Diego

The Biotech Beach located in the San Diego region comprises a mammoth of biotech companies. These include 80 research institutes and 1,100 life science companies, according to the San Diego Regional Economic Development Corporation. The main hotbed of activity lies in biomedical products and services and has more than 42,000 employees generating an average annual income of up to $107,000. 

4.    BioCapital in Delaware, Maryland, Virginia

The BioCapital region is spread over four main locations, i.e., Delaware, Maryland, Virginia, and Washington. The whole estate has a whopping 23,000 employees and more than 800 companies. It too comprises prominent company headquarters such as AstraZeneca, LifeNet Health, and Owens & Minor. Delaware itself spans over a 40-acre research center known as the Delaware Technology Park, while Maryland houses up to 2000 life science companies, making it one of the most up and coming biotech hubs of the country.


All these biotech hubs function at a completely different frequency as compared to all the other biotech clusters in the U.S. Home to start-ups as well as large well-established companies, research institutions, and pharmaceuticals, these hubs have proven themselves worthy contenders in the bigger picture of the biotech industry.  Moreover, there is an air of healthy rivalry among these various hubs that has helped foster exponential growth in biotech over the years, and one that we hope continues in the years to come.