The Best Paying Jobs in STEM

Pursuing a science job can be amazing since it helps you establish a career and pursue amazing things in life. But at the same time this also comes with its fair share of challenges, as you can imagine. So now you have to wonder, which are the best paying jobs in the science field and which ones are great for you!

Natural sciences manager

You can earn around $140,000 per year and your focus is on managing a team of scientists and development projects. You also need to stock the labs, oversee their activity and review the results of all their research. This is obviously a management position, but a very important one and which can bring in front amazing results in the long term.


A pharmacist in the US can earn quite a lot of money, well into 6 figures most of the time. The average pharmacist income is $124,000. You will need to create medications and also study their side effects. On top of that, you will need to research the way chemicals affect the human body too. Keep in mind that you need a Doctor of Pharmacy degree if you want to pursue this type of career.

Chemical engineers

This is an interesting science career with some amazing benefits. The chemical engineer will use equipment and processes that focus on turning chemicals into commercial products. Such an engineer can create anything from pharma products to plastics or even food. You need just a bachelor’s degree in chemical engineering, then you can improve from there. The average income is $114,000.

Material scientists

A material scientist will need to have a lot of physics, chemistry and biology knowledge. And then they need to analyze the structure, properties and performance of materials in order to identify the right uses for them. This job pays around $102,000 on average and it’s a multi-disciplinary field which needs you to have an advanced degree for it.

Medical research scientists

Such a job requires a lot of different aspect to pursue. Basically, you are trying to find new ways to boost human health naturally. You are also trying to find methods of preventing illnesses while also uncovering treatments. This type of science career is projected to grow immensely within the next decade and right now it averages at around $100,000 per year, maybe even more than that.

Computational scientist

A computational scientist will usually create computer models stimulating the physical phenomena. The job itself pays $90,000 and the interesting thing is that you can study cancer, how it affects the human cell mutation, but at the same time you can also study the way an aircraft flies and what can be improved. It’s certainly a broad science job, but a rewarding one nonetheless.

All these jobs are great if you want to pursue an amazing science career. They are very well paid, and most of them can be pursued even if you just have a bachelor’s degree. Plus, science jobs are in very high demand, so if you want to have a great career in the long run, the science field seems like the right way to go!

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