High Drug Prices the New Standard

Drug prices has continued to climb to an absurd high price. It is imperative that information about these drugs be made public so that we broaden the awareness about them. Even though a good part of the population have the privilege to only need to pay for Tylenol, some people have to come out of pocket to what could buy a nice luxury car. Here are the information on the top 10 most expensive drugs in the world.

Myalept – $71,306

In 2020 Myalept still holds the number 1 spot for most expensive drug. Myalept continues to receive an increase in price by 9.9%, which brings the price up by almost $7000. This medicine is the only one of its kind, used to treat a rare disease for generalized lipodystrophy.

Ravicti – $55,341

Horizon Therapeutics manufactures Ravicti which is used to treat urea cycle disorders. This condition is genetic, of which is when there is a level of high ammonia in the bloodstream. This is one of the 2 medicines that this company manufactures that has an insane price tag.   

Mavenclad – $53,730

Mavenclad is a drug that is used to treat the relapsing forms of multiple sclerosis. This is one of the newer drugs on the list this year. At this point a $0 copay card is only offered to some commercial insurance clients.

Actimmune – $52,777

It comes to no surprise that Actimmune is the 2nd drug manufactured by Horizon Therapeutics. Actimmune is used to treat osteoporosis and chronic granulomatous. The company does offer a program to patients to get the medicine at no cost.

The other drugs that made this list are:

Oxervate – $48,498

Takhzyro – $45,464

Daraprim – $45,000

Juxtapid – $44,714

Cinryze – $44,141

 Chenodal – $42,570

The total of all these drugs together come to a whopping $503,541. Enough to buy a mansion in some states. This is to bring awareness to the public and see what direction these drugs are going.

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