Boehringer Ingelheim to Develop Cytokines with Trutino

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Boehringer decides to partner with Trutino to enhance lives and curb cancer. Read this article to understand the details of the agreement and why they decided to enter the partnership.


Boehringer has partnered with Trutino after agreeing on terms with the Biosciences Company. The move was orchestrated to come up with three cytokine therapies. The agreement has Trutino presenting a platform that will yield effective and safer cytokines in discovering three oncology drugs for Ingelheim.

Leveraging the anti-cancer capabilities of cytokines have been thwarted by adverse events that happen when proteins are added on systemically. Trutino is known as one of the leading research outfits that look to unlock any therapeutic capabilities of cytokines. It aims to achieve this by targeting how proteins behave in the tumor microenvironment and hence evading dose-limiting toxicities.

Boehringer has assessed the potential in Trutino’s efforts in trying to solve the problem, and that is why they have decided to join hands with the preclinical-stage biotech. This agreement asks of Trutino to take up three cytokines to preclinical affirmation. From that point now, Boehringer will chip in and handle the matter for further developments.

The senior vice president at Boehringer Ingelheim, Jonathan Sedgwick, says that coming up with an innovative and robust cytokine therapeutic program to their cancer immunology portfolio shows how the company is determined to take on cancer. Thus such an initiative provides them with the opportunity to partner with an oncolytic virus, which is an existing cancer vaccine.

The ODC platforms from Trutino mask the activities of cytokines up to that point when they reach the tumor area and be fully activated. That curtails the systematic exposure of the cancerous cells, and therefore, there is a higher safety margin than other cytokine treatments. Trutino generates these new ODC molecules, thereby conducting the preclinical validation.

The CEO and founder of Trutino, Philip Kim, said that they were excited about partnering with Boehringer, which he termed as a figurehead in cancer immunology that addresses the medical needs of patients.

Boehringer is known to have an intense commitment to innovative scientific inventions, and it brings cancer therapies to the market. Trutino has been in business since 2018, but it kept a low profile in the initial two years. The Biotech gained access to Boehringer via the involvement during the BI Innovation Prize.

As mentioned earlier, Trutino looks to do away with the side effects of the exposure of cytokines to proteins by masking their activity. However, looking back at the initial stages of Trutino, there is no available data in the public that backs up that hypothesis.

Boehringer Involvement with Small Companies

The company has provided more than 200 startup businesses in life-sciences and mentoring different companies while giving them access to expertise from senior leaders in the company. Boehringer has even awarded several entrepreneurs with lab spaces for free under a program named “Golden Ticket.”

The company is determined to enhance and improve the lives of people by looking after their health. These programs enable Boehringer to confer their rich expertise to innovative entrepreneurs and businesses and also give guidance on any matter concerning science to realize big technological ideas.

This agreement looks to strengthen Boehringer’s immune-oncology portfolio. The portfolio brings together oncolytic viruses, cancer vaccines, T cell engagers, and myeloid targeting platforms. Such platforms aim at producing cold tumors that cannot be easily detected by the immune system.                                        

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